Friday, February 4, 2011

That is neat


I am slowly beginning to reject previously accepted truths and am finding that those truths and ideas linger around humans in my life.

I know nothing about how things work between two people for a solid strong amount of time but I can recognize survival...I see survival and I know that is not a relationship.

I have decided that at 25 I should start driving. Leaving that at that nothing more to say.

Snowed in for almost a week and this is where my mind is. Zumba'd for an hour yesterday fells good, I really still like it a lot, soon I will have to find something else to fill my time. I am insanely bored with life at the moment but not in a position to transition yet, so I can  take the time to carefully plan my next move, which I don't mind. Although I am considerably outgoing I am also insanely cautious, I make choices that will gambles.

Slowly I am allowing the idea of 'losing control' to not encompass negative connotations for me. I try to control so much around me, yet there is no positive effect on my life through this control. I am more willing now for Jesus, Menol (lol) or Buddha to take the wheel for now.

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