Wednesday, October 5, 2011


I pretty much wear my brain on my sleeve, so this blog will be more informative from this point forward than an emotional outlet, since I use my mouth for that.

Things have been well, well, well enough.

I have been obsessing more now than ever about moving to Portland, Oregon, Although I can guarantee you that the plans are nearly always made out of boredom, with no true desire or ability at this current juncture, than anything else. Merr whatevs

I went shopping yesterday with my friend Abbey to find her some extra items for her closet, I love old shit, I love making old shit into new shit; I am going to reconstruct some stuff and I am pretty excited, since I haven't had many creative outlets lately. hahahahaha...
^That's mom. Speaking of vintage. These will get better. Maybe I'll get my Deepak on soon. For now follow me @mdornuincka on Twitter! wooop

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