Wednesday, April 27, 2011


I look forward to this next chapter in life and where it may lead me. Maybe Portlandia? or Seoul ? 

Moving forward...
I just recently purchased a couple of new makeup items, I am also thinking of making this my Digital portfolio Makeup Blog. It would just be a great way to create a look book with a consistent model...myself! 
I love it! it has a couple of correctors and a nice kinda over shimmery highlighter, but the colors blend well and the price was AWESOME! of course. I also made a little blusher palette purchase since I am currently only stocked with about 6-7 blushers.:::nono:::

Also got some silica powder and little lashes!! 40 pairs of lashes to be exact! so expect some looks...perhaps tomorrow! So happy today and feeling great, I have a jewelry show Friday and I am also going to be sitting int he front row with my great friends watching an awesome show! CAN.NOT. WAIT. to see  


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